Sarasota Support Groups for Healthy Spouses

Ladies outside playing cards

It can be tough for a healthy spouse to emotionally handle the challenges their sick or dying spouse is going through, but there are support groups in Sarasota County to help them through the difficult times.

Facing the loss, the various stages of grieving and getting through the grieving process are all facets of the support system. Along with a professional psychologist or therapist leading the discussions the care and concern of peers in the group going through the same bereavement can be very therapeutic. You might also want to consider a one-on-one therapy for sessions with the healthy spouse to go over their feelings privately. The healthy spouse may have things to share that they don’t want the group nor family to hear.

Those in support groups for bereavement may be there for a variety of reasons but the common one is that the members are seeking comfort. In the beginning the healthy spouse may feel shock or numbness then sadness and even guilt. If a person starts with the support group during the shock phase then they won’t be socially withdrawn when the sadness and anger phases begin. The second phase is called the confrontation phase. The group is their safe place for dealing with their constantly changing emotions.

Grieving is painful and it’s important for those who have suffered a loss to be able to express their emotions openly. Grieving includes a wide array of emotions that can change drastically. From sadness to anger to depression, people handle grieving in a number of ways. Everyone is different and support groups can prove that by helping the healthy spouse see how others are coping.  Members of the support group will all be in different stages of the grieving process which can be extremely helpful to new members.

For anyone who may have just lost a spouse the might feel alone and depressed. Despite that, they may even request to be left alone. Support groups can be encouraging and reassuring that life can go on for the healthy spouse. The groups may plan activities together or choose a related book to read and discuss. The point of having a support group through accepting the loss is the continuing care. Even when someone may seem as if they are not grieving any more, living with the loss can still be difficult.

It is important for the healthy spouse dealing with the difficult loss to understand they are not alone and have a support group to turn to any time. There are even hotlines and websites available for live discussion when the emotional pain seems dire. Family members are wonderful, but many times the healthy spouse needs a support group of their own to discuss feelings and emotions that they don’t necessarily want their own family members to hear. Sarasota County support groups can help the healthy spouse throughout the entire grieving process.

A good place to start is the Senior Friendship Center at (941) 955-2122.