Meals on Wheels in Sarasota County

Meals on Wheels Sarasota

Setting up home meal delivery for your parent living in Sarasota County is a loving way to care for them without doing all the cooking yourself. When one parent has passed on it can be tough for the remaining parent to cook for themselves. Those frozen dinners can be hard to stomach, though convenient, yet cooking for one does not seem practical. The meal options available through delivery include a wide variety for anyone on a special diet or for those with allergies. Meals can be delivered weekly or daily depending on the delivery service you choose.

The following meal delivery companies offer service to all of the Sarasota County area… Setting up the process is simple and when you call, the customer service representative will gladly help you. Another choice in addition to meal delivery is grocery delivery. It is a popular and easy service to have your groceries delivered to your door.

Part of keeping your aging parent healthy is ensuring they are getting the proper nutrients in their diet. With the loss of their spouse you may discover that they are not eating enough, eating too much, or not eating the right things. By having a home meal delivery service it takes the work out of meal time. You no longer need to worry about your parent’s diet and they always have a delicious and nutritious meal.

Consider what you are looking for in meals for your parent. Decide what special diet or allergies your parent has and then find a delivery service that you like. To set up home meal delivery service you simply go online or call the number on the company’s website. On the website of the services they have meal options and menus. At the time you set up the plans you can put either your credit card in as the guarantor or use your parents. Make sure the billing address matches the credit card if different than where the meals are being delivered.

From most home delivery services you can expect healthy meals delivered twice a day at least 5 days a week. Some will offer them more days a week or all in bulk. Pick which one is best for you. If your parent has difficulty with mobility you might want to consider less deliveries. However if there is a bulk delivery and the meals are heavy, you might want the deliveries spread out. In all cases, the parent will enjoy having homemade meals with very little work in the kitchen.

Home meal delivery is a loving option for your single parent. They are easy and convenient and in many cases reasonably priced. It is a smart decision for your beloved senior who lives alone and does not need a lot of food and would otherwise need assistance in the kitchen.

There are four home meal delivery services in the Greater Sarasota area, including:

Sarasota County Friendship Meals on Wheels (941) 584-0090

North Sarasota County (941) 556-3209

Sarasota Meals on Wheels (941) 366-6693

North Port Meals on Wheels (941) 423-7604